Frequently Asked Questions


How good is the account quality?

The fortnite accounts that we stock are extremely high quality, most of the accounts often come with many more than what you bought.

On average, our customers typically receive a skin value of around 5-20x the price of the account, you can easily get a $300+ value account from a rare or lootbox.

What is the warranty for the accounts?

Due to the accounts being non-full access, accounts often do not last forever, or can stop working in a matter of days. We typically don't replace these, but we will review requests on a case-by-case basis depending on how fast they stopped working, or the particular issue.
The accounts also do not come with email access.

Can i link with XBOX/PSN/ETC

It is possible that some accounts you buy will randomly be linkable to different platforms
Unfortunately, while we check the accounts we only verify that they are usable on PC, so if you only play on a console you may want to consider your options incase the account is not linkable.


Can i get a refund for something i purchased?

Unfortunately because the accounts we sell are non full access, it is not possible for us to offer a refund/return for the accounts.
In some cases, we may offer an exchange but that is on a case-by-case basis.

What do i do if an account is invalid or has an issue?

Simply contact our support via ticket on the bottom right corner of the website and we'll have your issue resolved quickly.

How do i know this website is legitimate?

We have hundreds of 5-star reviews you can view on our trustpilot here: It is not possible to fake these reviews, and we've been operating since 2018.

Email Full Access

How to secure Full Access Accounts

As soon as you receive the login information, you should immediately change the password of both the email login and the fortnite account itself, aswell as removing any backup phone numbers / 2 factor authentication (if it's enabled.) You should then view the Epic Games profile and note down anything that might be relevant to recover it in the case you lose it later, such as address information or birthdays, etc.

Full Access Account Warranty

All of our full access accounts are subject to an automatic 7 day warranty from the time of purchase. If you encounter an issue with the account that makes it unusable or otherwisedly damaged and you have no violated our list of exceptions (below), we will offer you a replacement, or alternatively a refund at our discretion.

List of exceptions:

  • Do not contact EpicGames regarding your new account, as this may make them suspicious about your recent activity and choose to disable it.
  • The account is linkable/playable only on the platforms which the listing says, if the listing says PC/XBOX, it is not playable on PSN for example.
  • Actions which result in the loss of the account outside of our control (such as you hacking on it, or losing it from other means) will void the warranty.
  • Not properly securing your account after purchase (see other TOS item).
  • Being blacklisted from our website will also void your warranty.

Can you check if the account has X for me?

Unfortunately at TheAltening we do not have the time to be able to check for specific things on listings, we will do our best to display any relevant information about the account including skins, vbucks, or linkable platforms, but generally we will not honor requests for further information (such as umbrella count, specific *styles* of skins, etc.

What if i don't like the account i got?

We provide almost all relevant information about the account for you to view on the listing, so if you did get an account which for some reason you didn't like, most likely we are not able to offer an exchange unless there is an issue on our end.

Warranty/Extended Warranty

What are the terms for the additional warranty addon?

If you select the warranty option for your account, it will extend the duration for which we will replace your account due to issues to a maximum of 60 days from your purchase order.
Do note that there are some conditions in which we won't replace your account, even if you have purchased the addon; some but not all include:

  • Contacting EpicGames causing the account to be disabled.
  • Sending password reset requests to the account / attempting to login to the account's gmail/other email inbox.
  • Changing/Attempting to change the password or sensitive information on the account.
  • This is not a comprehensive list and each claim will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


When do you restock accounts?

We try our best to constantly get new accounts, however the rarer oens can take a while. We currently don't have any advice for you except to wait and check back regularly.
In the future we may add a restock notification by email feature

Can't find answers for your question? Ask our live support by opening a ticket.