What makes a skin rare?

This article will tell you about some of the rarest, most expensive and highly sought after skins for your character in Fortnite. Some items on this list sell for thousands of dollars! If you're a serious player, check it out to see if you own any.
Well, firstly there are objective criteria that you need to establish when talking about stuff like that, some things should be concerned while other things should not
In this post, we'll be going over skins that we think are rare in the following criteria:

  • The skin has not been able to purchase in a long time

  • Few people own the skin or are able to use it now

  • It is a skin that everybody (at the time) was able to buy or get (So, no championship or content creator skins).

(Do keep in mind that the in game rarity, legendary, uncommon, etc often just indicate the pricing, and not how exclusive it is.)

What are these skins?

5 of the most exclusive skins, rare to rarest.

The Fortnite skin 'Double Helix'

5. Double Helix
  • You were able to redeem Double Helix (and other cosmetics) if you purchased a limited edition release of the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle, which is no longer available. Due to the high cost of getting a console specifically for this skin and that it's no longer available (unless you locate a third-party seller for $$$$) We believe this skin is fairly rare, as it would have been expensive for many people to acquire it.

The Fortnite skin 'Galaxy'

4. Galaxy
  • Galaxy was the result of a partnership between Fortnite and Samsung when the mobile edition of the game first came out, android users were invited before anyone else to test out the game and only those with a Samsung Galaxy 9 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 were eligible to receive this skin. Due to the cost of the phones and the fact you can't get it anymore (as this skin was replaced by Glow in 2019) we think this is a quite an Epic skin, it also looks very unique compared to the others!

The Fortnite skin 'Black Knight'

3. Black Knight
  • This skin is truly a beauty in our eyes. This skin was released in Season 2 Chapter 1, with an appropriately more modern looking design. The only way you'd be able to get your hands on this was if you maxed out the newly released Battle Pass (with that being the cost), while simultaneously reaching Level 70 ingame. As the player base was much smaller back then, It's likely you won't see too many of these around. Personally, it's our favorite balance between aesthetic and rarity.

The Fortnite skin 'Renegade Raider'

2. Renegade Raider
  • While compared to newer and more modern skins this doesn't look anything special, it is truly an achievement to have owned this skin. Your only chance to get this skin was in Season 1 Chapter 1, after you reached Level 20 and then spent 1200 V-Bucks on it. If you own this skin, chances are you probably get recognized in matches pretty often!

The Fortnite skin 'Aerial Assault Trooper'

1. Aerial Assault Trooper
  • The Aerial Assault Trooper skin has a special place in our hearts, with its release happening before most of us had even seen combat. It came out during the first season and only cost 1200 v-bucks after reaching level 15! The Renegade Raider might be more iconic but we don’t blame you if this guy takes top spot too because at least he was around when it all started for some people… Our main reason for putting this skin at first place is due to how many people picked Renegade Raider over this, making it the more exclusive skin despite the lower level requirement.

…And that concludes our list! Think we got this wrong? Feel free to email us about your suggestions: admin@mail.thealtening.com

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