What is the Blue Squire?

The Blue Squire is an exclusive skin that is part of the 'Fort Knights' set. He is often known as the bold warrior of Moisty Mire! The character model is based off of the Renegade's (raider) character model, as this was one of the earlier skins in the game. The outfit was released in Season 2

How do you get the Blue Squire?

Image of Fortnite's 'Blue Squire' skin

Get the Blue Squire Skin
The skin was originally available and released in Season 2, you were able to get this skin as a reward from completing the tier 1 of the Season 2 Battle Pass. You were also able to acquire the Shield back bling at the same time.

Unfortunately, at the time of this post (November 12th 2021) The skin is not able to be achieved in-game anymore, and is unlikely to return to the item store soon.

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